Onduline Roofing Sheets

Onduline Corrugated Sheet
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Code: ON1SHE
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  • Onduline sheets are a versatile corrugated roofing or wall cladding sheet manufactured by combining recycled cellulose fibres and bitumen under intense pressure and heat. 
  • Onduline' s properties ensure that it does not condensate which lends itself to a wide variety of applications including agricultural, industrial, light domestic and under tile systems. 
  • The convenient and lightweight 2m long sheets make this product easy to handle. 
  • Cutting and installation is also very simple which makes this product popular with DIYers and experienced tradesman alike. 
  • Onduline is fixed with a simple colour coded 'Onduline Nail' which are supplied in Boxes of 400 (Which will do approximately 20 sheets.)
  • Onduline is manufactured in four different colours: Black, Red, Brown & Green.
  • We also supply all Onduline Ridges, Verges and other fixtures and Fixing Nails so that you can do a complete job to match your requirement.
  • Length: 2.000m
  • Cover Width: 855mm
  • Profile Dimensions: Depth 32mm, Pitch 94mm
  • Material: Bitumen
  • Weight: 6.4kg
  • Application: Roof
  • Thickness: 3mm
  • Lightweight & easy to handle
  • Easy to install
  • Easy to cut and shape
  • Available in four colours
  • Ideal for stables, garages, sheds, and agricultural buildings
  • The staining process means the sheets will retail their colour for longer
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Which way up is an Onduline sheet fixed?
  • Onduline roofing sheets are easily identifiable by the printed production quality control information applied up the last corrugation on the smooth grained topside
  • Is Onduline fireproof?
  • Onduline sheets are not classified to External S.AA fire rating as required in UK Building Regulations for some classes of structure. In these cases, they must be fixed on a suitable fully supporting roof deck and the sheets coated with a proprietary AA surface paint treatment as used on flat felted roofs applied in accordance with the paint manufacturer’s instructions
  • What is the overhang needed for Onduline sheets?
  • The maximum overhang of Onduline sheets at the eaves is 70mm
  • Do Onduline sheets come in different lengths?
    No, Onduline comes in one standard size of 2m long
  • How can I cut an Onduline sheet?
    Cut with an oiled coarse-toothed handsaw or preferably a power tool, such as a circular saw again fitted with a course blade or skill saw