Armco Barrier External Corner 90deg Galvanised

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  • 450mm x 450mm Leg sizes.
  • Each corner requires 16 M16 x 35mm Galvanised Bolts, 32 M16 Galvanised Washers and 16 M16 Galvanised Nuts (sold separately)
  • Southern Sheeting also stock used Armco Crash Barriers and the related posts (shown in image but sold separately), fixtures and fittings.

  • Flange Sizes - 450mm x 450mm
  • Material - Galvanised
  • Angle - 90º
  • Weight - 5kg 
  • Long lasting galvanised finish
  • Perfect match with Armco Crash Barriers
  • Allows you to create a 90 degree bend in Armco


  • What size are the corners?
    The corners are 450mm x 450mm (18 inch x 18 inch)

  • What do I need to install these corners?
    Each Corner requires 16 Number M16 x 35mm Bolts, 16 Number M16 Nuts and 32 Number M16 washers, these MUST be galvanised and NOT BZP, as this will react with the material.

  • Are these 'used' like the barriers?
    No, ALL the accessories and fixings that we stock for the Armco Barriers are new, it is only the barriers themselves which are USED.